Planning Sense - the radio show - originated in 1996. Planning Sense was on the air from 1996 to 2004 as a Public Service. Written by Donna Graber and broadcast by WCNY-FM, Planning Sense offered years of entertaining, sound, and cutting edge planning advice in the areas of tax, law and finance. Much of the radio text is still available on this site for your review.

Planning Sense Inc. - the company - was founded in 1984 by President and CEO, Donna Graber. Planning Sense, Inc. is dedicated to caring for a unique group of family clients by offering high level planning services with a tax, legal and financial perspective. Our purpose is helping individuals create and maintain effective and efficient life strategies through ongoing, personal client interaction. Our route to that purpose is offering a consistent level of high quality advisement. As a planning firm, we counsel a number of client families, carefully caring for those we serve. We handle the worry so our clients don’t have to!

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06/01/2015 Download
Subject: Saving on Vacations When Times Are Uncertain
Description: If you’ve known me awhile you know I am a big believer in vacations – and a dedicated vacation bucket.

05/04/2015 Download
Subject: Empty on Full
Description: FROM THE DESK OF DONNA GRABER: My good friend and amazing woman, Susan Zimmerman wrote the article below. I certainly hope you enjoy it – a great life lesson!

04/01/2015 Download
Subject: What PEACE are you Missing?
Description: What PEACE are you Missing?

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